Measures bio-diesel in diesel

Delphi’s Fuel Analyser is a first level diagnostic check of bio-fuel in the system and will assist the technician to diagnose if the fuel quality is a possible cause for system / component failure.

Fuel diagnostics – Why check the levels of biofuel in diesel?

The use of contaminated fuels, or biofuel blends above the recommended standards, increases the risk of engine related issues. The Delphi fuel analyser can significantly reduce costs for the workshop, vehicle owner or operator. It provides the ability to quickly carry out a fuel check and produce an end user customer report.

Features & Benefits

First phase fuel analysis for diesel / biodiesel; Displays biodiesel percentage +/- 1%; Identifies contaminated fuel; Hand held robust enclosure; Provides customer print-out of analysis; Programmable limits and error codes; Real time results; Rechargeable battery charged by mini USB; Software download, Data output via USB; Simple display / Stainless steel easy clean sensor