Delphi Pico Scope is an essential diagnostic tool, used to break down complex electrical signals and analyse the root cause of a fault.

Part Number Description Price (GBP)*
SV11386 Picoscope (2 Channel) £1115
SV11387 Picoscope (4 Channel) £1595

Faster, more efficient diagnostics saves time and money The Delphi Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits can be used to measure and test electrical and electronic components and circuits including: Ignition (primary and secondary), Injectors and fuel pumps, Starter and charging circuits, Batteries, alternators and starter motors, Lambda, Air-flow, knock and MAP sensors, Glow plugs / timer relays, CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

  • Built in waveform library
  • Auto ranging
  • Advance trigger functions
  • Help files
  • Frame review finder
  • Free Software updates
  • Training courses available
  • Delphi exclusive software included