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Smartcharge 150 r134a

A simple to use fully automatic air conditioning r134a machine with vehicle database and print out.

Main Features

  • Dedicated bodyshop or workshop programme
  • Fully automatic programmes or simple recovery or recharge programmes
  • Smartcharge quick service recycle programme - approx 16/17 minutes
  • Large 20 kg tank
  • High efficiency compressor and vacuum pump
  • High contrast digital display, all parameters displayed
  • Single or multiple real time print outs with all service parameters shown
  • All usage and amounts retained for one year for hazardous waste requirements
  • Full car, van and truck database - easily upgraded with replacement SD Card
  • No service contract required for database renewal
  • Simple control of functions using I-Drive technology
  • Automatic replacement of oil, including an additional amount preset by user
  • Hybrid vehicle flush programme - an essential safety feature for user and vehicle
  • This programme cleans the hoses and pipework prior to use on a Hybrid vehicle
  • The 150 is quick to operate and top quality components are used throughout for reliability, longer life and the lowest whole life cost. Most of our stations have a 12 to 14 year service life.

Price Includes

  • Smartcharge 150 R134a Machine
  • Free Delivery
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • PAG Oil & UV Dye