Smartcharge 229NT

Future Technology Now!

The latest AC equipment from Autocraft incorporates several new improvements unique on the AC servicing field.

Adaptive Technology

This feature uses software logic to shorten the servicing time on vehicles with dry leak proof AC system saving up to 20 minutes each service. This also minimises and refrigerant discharged during the evacuation stage. A full recycle can be achieved in under 20 minutes.

Smart Recovery

Minimises oil loss during recovery thanks to the more advanced recycling management. This is an essential requirement for several prestige car manufacturers.

Automatic OFN pressure test

Verifies the AC system is leak proof in less than 5 minutes with customer print out of test results. Why waste valuable time and customer goodwill repeating an AC service? Be professional, do the AC service just once.

Hybrid electric vehicles program optional

Hybrid electric vehicles use a different oil to conventional AC systems. All our models can internally flush the previous oil used within the AC equipment prior to servicing a hybrid vehicle, using its own required oil. Failure to flush can damage the vehicle and it also dangers the technician.

  • Fully Automatic operation
  • R134a refrigerant
  • Heavy duty European compressor
  • Accurate measurement of recovered oil
  • Full automatic OFN pressure test with printout of test results
  • High power vacuum pump for large capacity system
  • Automatic injection of replacement oil and UV dye
  • High quality couplers and 2.5 meters quality service hoses
  • Electronic pressure/vacuum display
  • Full digital display
  • Large illuminated gauges
  • Large 20kg tank
  • Car/Truck database
  • 2 years recording of usage
  • Hybrid/Electric vehicles program
  • Automatic flushing program

Price Includes

  • Smartcharge 195 Plus R134a Machine
  • Delivery
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • PAG oil & dye