Delphi has now launched the latest version of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Activalve tool - SV11378

Available in July – place your orders today

  • This latest generation is an OE tool used by many vehicle manufacturers, such as Renault.
  • The TPMS ACTIVALVE - activates the TPMS wheel sensor and receives its HF signal. It provides a simple user process and routine.
  • The latest version SV11378 replaces our previous model SV10471

Vehicles fitted with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems have a warning light on the dash board which indicates that tyre pressure is low in one of the tyres. This information is sent to the ECU from a sensor in each wheel. If wheel position is changed on the vehicle (I.E. rear and front wheels changed round for tyre tread saving) the ECU will need to be reprogrammed, to tell it which position on the vehicle each sensor is. This can only be done when the sensor/valve is open, which is normally only when the vehicle is in motion.

The ACTIVALVE tool will enable you to force 1st generation tyre pressure valves open and emit their information frames (tyre pressure, valve code …) on a stationary vehicle, while it is in the workshop.

Used in conjunction with a Delphi Diagnostic Solution from our range, it will enable you to reprogram the tyre pressure valves to the vehicle without having to be driving, therefore it can be done by one technician without leaving the workshop!

3-in-1 TPMS tool 1 TPMS sensor/valve activator
2 Tyre pressure monitoring receiver
3 Infrared & high frequency remote control tester

Additional functions:

    • Two activation modes:
      • Modulated LF 125KHz for Schrader TPMS sensors
      • Modulated LF 125KHz for Siemens TPMS sensors

These two modes are performed one after the other in order to simplify the process for the user

  • 433MHz reception, to check that a TPMS sensor works by confirming that a 433MHz signal has been emitted by the sensor
  • Also allows the test of HF & IR key fobs

TPMS Specifications
Multi-brands Yes
Operating Range
Activation Frequency
125KHz continuous or modulated
Receivers AM, FM 433 MHz or 315 MHz or 866 MHz
Display LED showing sensor condition, tool battery status
and audible beep
Power Supply 9V battery (included)
Autonomy 1000 cycles approximately, automatic battery
charge level control
Op. Time 6 to 8 seconds
Automatic Shutdown Yes
Dimensions 150 x 55 x 30 mm
Weight 200g
Protection Resistant to main solvents present in the garage
Composition Ergonomic ABS box, instructions for use, battery
Packaging Blister pack
Quality RoHs
Guarantee 1 year